Interested in being a part of a PeepshowTO production? We are always looking for burlesque performers with varying experience levels to collaborate with! For show and press inquiries, or if you just want to drop a line to say hello, we can be reached through the following email address:



Is there a licensed bar at the venue?

Is there an age limit to attend the show?
All our shows are 19+ due to adult content and liquor license agreements with the venue. Make sure you bring proper photo ID when attending our show.

I am/my friend is having a bachelor/bachelorette party. Do you do something special for the bride/groom to be?
If you plan to include PeepshowTO as your prime party destination for your bachelor/bachelorette/birthday/anniversary/festivus party, we'd love to hear from you! We usually like to plan a special treat for the celebrant, so be sure to email us if you are celebrating a special occasion during one of our shows!

Is there full frontal nudity in the show?
As burlesque is the art of the tease, there is no full frontal nudity in the show. Pasties, panties and merkins are required for all burlesque acts.

Do many women attend these events, or is the room just full of sketchy perverted men?
Our shows are catered to BOTH men and women of varying backgrounds and sexuality. Our audience for the most part have been an even split between genders, so no need to feel out-of-place. We are all here to enjoy nerds and nudity.

Does it make sense to get an advanced ticket or should I try my chances at the door?
It is highly recommended that you get your tickets in advance if you plan to attend our shows as they do tend to sell out.

What time do you recommend coming to the theatre before the show?
Our shows usually start around 45 minutes to an hour after doors open. The earlier you arrive, the better chance you will have at securing the better seats. If you don't have an advanced ticket, we recommend arriving at the venue at least an hour before doors open to try and get tickets. PLEASE NOTE: Our shows at the Jane Mallett Theatre starts at 9PM SHARP, so we highly recommend getting to the theatre as soon as doors open so that you have plenty of time to get settled before the show.


Do I need burlesque experience to apply to perform at the show?
All experience levels are welcome to pitch an act for the show.

How do I become involved in performing with the PeepshowTO?
About three months before the next show, we announce the new theme that we will be presenting. For two-three weeks, we will open the pitching floor to welcome anyone with an idea relating to the theme to submit an act. Be sure to read all the requirements on our website before submitting a pitch. We favour more detailed pitches that truly embody the character and theme you wish to portray.

I didn't get in the show! Does this mean I suck?
No. It doesn't mean that you suck! We just receive a high volume of pitches for every show, and it's tough to narrow it down. Nine times out of ten, people do not get in our show because their chosen character has already been pitched multiple times by other applicants. Don't be discouraged if you don't get in the first time. We encourage you to pitch again if the next theme sparks your interest.

Will you help me with my costume and my act if I get in?
The PeepshowTO community is full of people with different skill-sets that they can contribute to the show. We are always happy to help you prep your acts and costumes by providing you with different resources that can help steer you in the right direction. All you have to do is ask us in advance.