Welcome to PeepshowTO, Toronto’s biggest and longest running Nerdlesque Show! Since 2011, We have specialized in producing our own unique brand of highly anticipated nerdy themed burlesque events! From campy to sultry, our shows are packed with intricately detailed references and indulgent entertainment that is sure to satisfy a nerdy appetite!

Upcoming PeepshowTO Shows

Friday the Stripteenth
Friday the Stripteenth
Friday, October 13, 2023
Doors at 7PM. Show at 8PM.
The Great Hall, Toronto
19+ Event


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What is Nerdlesque?

What is Nerdlesque?

Nerdlesque combines the art of burlesque and nerd culture. Performers draw inspiration from their favourite characters from pop culture to create burlesque acts that pay tribute to that franchise. Think of it as cosplay striptease!


Burlesque novice? Seasoned performer? If a theme tickles your fancy, PeepshowTO wants to hear from you! We welcome performers of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, genders, abilities and experience levels to participate in our shows! If you share the same nerdy enthusiasm we do, please check out our Pitch Section to learn how you can be involved in our next show!